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Agnitu is based in Puerto Rico (Guaynabo City) and has offices in Bogotá (Colombia) and Miami (USA).
We use state-of-the-art technology to help our retail, manufacture, and distribution customers, meet their expectations in-store reality. We work closely with our clients to identify the elements of retail execution that contribute critically to the experience of the shopper.

Agnitu Image Recognition Services is designed on the most innovative and sophisticated image-recognition technologies to solve retail industry problems, perfect in-store execution, recognize category opportunities and always win on the shelf.

We are a team of professionals from several fields, with more than 15 years of retail market experience, with a innovative spirit and strong technological capabilities; we create Agnitu every day with a passion for what we do, with high added value for our customers. Thank to have read this part of our fabulous adventure, the best is coming!

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Agnitu (Latín) = Recognized.

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Key Performance Metrics

With just Shelf photo, we can detect:

Out-of-Stocks [OOS]

List of SKUs in the planogram, but missing from shelf.

Share of Shelf [SOS]

Percentage of the brands placed on the shelf, measured from the used shelf space.

Planogram Compliance

Quality metric related to the correctly positioned, absent or misplaced objects reflecting the divergence of the shelf from the optimal product location.

Empty Space Detection

Warning system that identifies and mesaure empty spaces on shelves.

Facing Share

The percentage of brands shown on the shelf vs facing counts.

Price Tag Compliance

Prices read from on-scene price tags allocated to the nearest known SKUs.

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